Who We Are

Who We Are

 Foxfire: A Girl and Her Dreams


DanielleI’m Danielle. Ever since I was young I had a passion for gardening and DIY projects. If it was green and growing I was all about it. Twenty years later and things haven’t changed much. When I’m not working as a florist at a local boutique you’ll regularly find me in the backyard tweaking my garden and filling empty space with new creations. I started this blog to help green-minded individuals learn more about the herbs, plants, and fruits/veggies that help make our world a better place.

While I want to focus on remedies/diy projects/recipes involving herbs and plants, I also want this site to be a forum for ideas of all kinds. This world has given us such an abundance of amazing resources and I want to share as much as possible about what I know. Not only that, but I’ll have a special guest pop in from time to time. I’m blessed to have a husband with similar values and a passion for creation in a different realm: cooking. My husband Ryan is a chef that specializes in farm to table concepts using minimally processed ingredients. He’s a busy guy, but not too busy to help me with my blog 😉

We hope to make this a community for discussion, exchange and creation. Join us on our journey and open your mind to the wonderful benefits of herbs, vegetables, and green goodness of the earth.

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Timeline of Foxfire Herb Shop

In 1999 I knew that I needed a voice to speak out on the current affairs of herbal remedies. If you would have been there you would understand what I went through those days. Fast forward 5 years to Salt Lake City and I was running a respectable soap-making industry. Fast forward three more years and you would have seen me in the herb shop called Ezekiel’s Lament (it’s to this date one of my favorite names. In 2012 my husband introduced me to his business partner that had plenty ideas for an online, holistic concept. Four years later and that concept is still alive and strong! Long live the Fox Fire the burns within.