Healthy French Food

Healthy French Food

What Makes French Food Healthy?

When it comes to fine food, French cuisine in the Cadillac of fine dining. The French take a lot of pride in what come out of the kitchen. Even the rats in France want to cook food (yes, I did just make a Disney reference). Not only is French food delightful but it also can be extremely healthy.  French Chef’s use all the freshest fruits and vegetables in their food. In this article I want to talk about healthy French food.

Healthy French Food- What To Stay Away From

Before I talk about all the healthy French food, I think I need to talk about all the unhealthy French food there is out there. French fries or as the French say “pomme frites” are far from healthy. A small serving of French fries has about 500 calories and that is before you add the béarnaise sauce. After the béarnaise is added bring that closer to 1000 calories. In addition, a small croissant contains about 250 calories with no butter. Add butter to that croissant and it is closer to 350 calories.

Healthy French Food – Recipes

Although, healthy French food is easy to find and you will know it when you see it. Some of my favorite healthy French food:

French Onion Soup – Onions, Gruyere cheese and olive oil in a pot. This is a great recipe for a cold winter after noon. Have it with a cup of tea and a few cookies for desert. This only has a total of 400 calories and that would be a really big serving. The cheese might not be really diet friendly. If you need to you can use half of the amount of cheese. This recipe is great because it is meant to be a lighter soup, so skimping on the cheese will only make it all the more refreshing.

Provencal Fish Soup – Soak fish fillets in white wine, stir in tomatoes and fish stock. Add some veggies and simmer for 45 minutes. This is really simple and has almost 0 calories. It is also great for a cold winter day or a day when you just want to whip up a lazy meal.

Scallops with Fennel – scallops are some of the most delicious snacks out there. Almost all seafood is low on calories and have a lot of proteins and minerals essential for life. If you want this recipes, you will have to grab it here. It is top secret; you won’t be able to find it anywhere else.

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